Friends of Berlin Animal Control

Sponsors of the Central Connecticut Cat Project ( CCCP )



About Friends of Berlin Animal Control (FOBAC)

The Friends of Berlin Animal Control was founded in 1999, primarily to assist with the town of Berlin municipal animal shelter and its homeless animals.

FOBAC posts all of our adoptable pets on and, as well as the Berlin Citizen, The Rare Reminder and other publications and media.

FOBAC's veterinarian visits the animal shelter regularly to vaccinate, test for disease and examine the animals prior to adoption.

Most of the animals are brought to off-site locations where they are shown at adoption clinics.

When the Berlin Municipal Animal Shelter is full or an animal has been there too long, FOBAC will often adopt the animal and place it in a foster home, caring for it and socializing it unti it is adopted into a permanent home.

About the Central CT Cat Project (CCCP)

The Central Connecticut Cat Project (CCCP) was founded in 2001.  Once a month we hold a large-volume, low cost spay and neuter clinic.  At these clinics, all cats are vaccinated for distemper and rabies.  The cats also get their nails trimmed.

Feral cats undergo surgery at a discount price when brought in hav-a-heart traps and are ear notched.

Financial assistance is offered to low-income families.  Call us at 860-828-5287 to see if you qualify.

The CCCP is funded by grants and donations.

Our volunteers manage the operations by making all the appointments for each clinic, admitting patients prior to surgery, providing post-op care for the cats and discharging cats home to their owners.

A breeding cat and their kittens can produce an unbelievable amout of cats.  Stray cats can have two litters of kittens per year, with 2.8 kittens surviving per litter.  a cat's average life span is just over 10 years.  Given this information, please consider these numbers...

1 year_____________________12 Cats

3 years____________________182 Cats

5 years__________________12,680 Cats

7 years_________________420,715 Cats

10 years______________80,399,780 Cats

Please consider these numbers the next time you think one more litter won't make any difference.

Pet Food Pantry

The Pet Food Pantry opened in March of 2008.  For the first year and a half we operated out of a P.O.D. storage container donated by a local business.  However, the poor economy put an end to the donation, and we not operate out of a volunteer's garage.

Many of our pet food donations come from drop-off bins located in local supermarkets in Berlin and Kensington.

We hold regular "Fill-a-Truck" events to help fill our shelves for families in need.

Currently we serve over forty families in need, helping them to keep their pets properly fed.